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Roman Coins Having Lituus Symbol - The Untold Truth

Roman coins having lituus symbol - In the currency of the Roman Republic, a container and lituus show up as a matched gathering of images; the earliest use is by Sulla, the keep going on issues on issues of Antony in 39.

Xander Oddity
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Roman coins having lituus symbol- In the currency of the RomanRepublic, a jug and lituus symbol show up as a matched gathering of images; the earliest use is by Sulla, the keep going on issues on issues of Antony in 39.
From the custom setting, I contend that the jug and littus allude to the ecclesiastical and augural ward over the ceremonial primers for political activity, especially the functions of instatement.
From the political setting of Roman coins having lituus symbol of each issue, I propose that the images suggest customs to legitimize military power.
One of Augustus' most critical holy workplaces was that of a foreshadow. It was a sought-after office held by Romulus, and Romulus' most popular accomplishment as a forecast was the establishment of Rome. At the point when Augustus turned into a forecast, it was explicitly Romulus' job as a pioneer that he connected himself with the most. The lituus is the most normal consecrated seal to be found on Augustan standard and common coins.
Different types of Roman musical instruments
Different types of Roman musical instruments
It is the image of the foreshadows, the Roman organization responsible for Auguria and Auspicia, what's more, is a bent staff. Specifically, on neighborhood coins of somewhere in the range of thirty urban communities in Africa and Asia, Augustus' front representations are joined by a lituus.
This is an intriguing peculiarity on the grounds that thesimpulum(conciliatory scoop), the image of the pontifices, just shows up once in a long while in spite of the fact that Augustus was a pontifex since 48 BC and became Pontifex Maximus in 12 BC. As he calls attention to in Res Gestae 7. 3, Augustus was truth be told an individual from every one of the clerical universities.
This mirrors a general example of the portrayal of the lituus on Republican coins as well as in Augustan craftsmanship. The justification behind Augustus' prevalent utilization of the lituus in visual symbolism lies in the foreshadow's numerous obligations; in any case, most importantly, the forecast's job as an organizer.
Augustus imitated Romulus in a heap of ways; however, he especially connected himself with Romulus' job as the primary organizer behind Rome. It is generally said that Romulus, as the Optimus foreshadow, established the city of Rome through divination. Augustus is viewed as the second organizer behind Rome and furthermore established, re-established, or revamped various urban areas in the Roman territories.


The word lituus initially implied a bent augural staff or a bent conflict trumpet in the antiquated Latin language. This Latin word went on to be used through the eighteenth 100 years as an option in contrast to the vernacular names of different instruments.

People Also Ask

What Was A Lituus Used For?

The lituus was an abnormal wand (comparative in shape to the top piece of a few Western European crosiers) utilized as a clique instrument in old Roman religion by foreshadowing to check out a custom space overhead (a templum). The section of birds through this templum showed divine blessing or disgrace for a given endeavor.

How Is The Lituus Played?

In the mid-fifteenth 100 years, Jean de Gerson recorded the lituus among those string instruments that were sounded by beating or striking, either with the fingernails, a plectrum, or a stick.

What Musical Instruments Are Used In Ancient Rome?

  • Tubas.
  • French Horn.
  • Bugles.
  • Oboe.
  • Clairnet-type horn.
  • Bagpipe.
  • Panpipe.
  • Lyre

Did Romans Use Trumpet?

The main instrument in the Roman Military was the tuba or straight trumpet. The tuba/trumpet was generally produced using copper or iron and was a funnel-shaped bore straight cylinder around 120-140 cm long and came in three pieces with a mouthpiece.
A black and white illustration of an Augur holding lituus
A black and white illustration of an Augur holding lituus
"More info required. What's a Roman augur? What cult rituals?"
_kermityfrog (Reddit)
"The "Lituus" was a hooked wand used as a cult instrument in ancient Roman religion by augurs to mark out a ritual space in the sky (a templum). The passage of birds through this templum indicated divine favor or disfavor for a given undertaking."
"Thanks - I've removed the "no proof/source" flair. I've been poking around Wikipedia and the internet trying to look up more info (out of curiosity) and there's very little information. Wikipedia says it's related to some musical instrument used by other cultures. The size of the wand is probably around a foot long or so. I'm not sure if it's true that it was used in "cult rituals" as Roman Augurs were pretty widespread and were priests that saw omens in birds and the sky. There's no satisfactory explanation as to why they used the Lituus as their symbol of authority.
How did the priests use the wand to "mark out a ritual space" if it was so short to not be able to touch the ground?"
_kermityfrog (Reddit)
"Catholicism adopted the pagan Lituus in the Bishop's Crozier."
_AlbaneseGummies327 (Reddit)

Dr Clare Rowan: The Age of Augustus on Coins Part Two


The lituus symbol is likewise by a long shot the most widely recognized consecrated seal on Augustan common coins. It is quite often found on the front side and goes with the picture head of Augustus. It is just found in the areas of Africa and Asia and on only one front sort from Caesaraugusta in Spain.
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