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Scientists Found A Frightening New Sea Animal With 20 Arms


When you think of the Antarctic, images of icy landscapes and penguins might come to mind. But recent news from the depths of the Southern Ocean brings a surprising twist. Recently, scientists found a frightening new sea animal with 20 arms. The remarkable new sea creature has a rather unusual name: the Antarctic strawberry feather star. This discovery adds a chilling edge to the ocean's mysteries.

A Startling Discovery In The Deep Ocean

Imagine a creature with 20 arms – a sight that seems straight out of a science fiction movie. This newly found species was spotted by researchers conducting studies in the frigid waters near Antarctica. Resembling a jellyfish without its typical rounded body, the creature is predominantly composed of tentacles, some adorned with feathery textures while others exhibit a bumpy appearance.

As if its appearance weren't intriguing enough, the smaller tentacle-like appendages extending from the creature's base are equipped with miniature claws, enabling it to grasp firmly onto the ocean floor. With a maximum length of eight inches, the creature employs its longer arms to navigate through the water, as explained by marine biology professor Greg Rouse.

Rouse, alongside fellow researchers Emily McLaughlin and Nerid Wilson from the University of California, San Diego, penned a detailed paper about this discovery, which was published in Invertebrate Systematics last month.

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The Antarctic Strawberry Feather Star

New species discovered in southern ocean

But what about the peculiar name, you might wonder?

We've taken away a bunch of the cirri so you can see the parts that they're attached to, and that's what looks like a strawberry.- Greg Rouse, Marine Biology Professor


Rouse revealed to Insider, shedding light on the reasoning behind the moniker 'Antarctic strawberry feather star'.

However, this isn't the creature's official scientific name. It has been formally classified as Promachocrinus fragarius, belonging to the Crinoidea class – a group that includes starfish, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea cucumbers.

The discovery unfolded during a research expedition where scientists dragged a net along the depths of the Southern Ocean. Their goal was to identify more species within the Antarctic feather star group. Prior to this, there was only one known species in this category – the Promachocrinus kerguelensis. The endeavor exceeded expectations, leading to the identification of four new species that could be categorized as part of the Antarctic feather star group.

The newly found Antarctic strawberry feather star was located at depths ranging from 215 feet to approximately 3,840 feet beneath the ocean's surface. Its standout feature? The abundance of arms it possesses. While most feather stars typically possess just ten arms, this revelation prompted researchers to broaden the category to include eight species under the name Promachocrinus.

So we went from one species with 20 arms to now eight species — six with 20 arms and two with 10 arms under the name Promachocrinus.- Greg Rouse, Marine Biology Professor

The discovery of the Antarctic strawberry feather star prompts us to ponder the hidden wonders lurking beneath the ocean's depths. The diversity of life beneath the waves continues to astonish and captivate, reminding us of how much more there is to learn about our planet's aquatic realms. As explorations into the ocean's mysteries persist, we can only anticipate more revelations that highlight the astounding variety of life on Earth.


In essence, the seemingly whimsical name "Antarctic strawberry feather star" now represents a stunning and slightly eerie sea creature sporting 20 arms, contributing a fascinating chapter to our ongoing exploration of the ocean's secrets.

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