Sex Education season 3 has more or less already been confirmed, as it’s been revealed that writing has begun despite season 2 not even being out yet.

Everyone who watched it loved Sex Education even if, like me, they didn’t want to. I’m not 100% sure why I didn’t want to, but at first glance, it seemed a little try-hard.

To a degree I stand by that. It did try very hard to be different and zany and “”””woke”””” but you can’t begrudge a TV show of that, especially when so much content is so paint by numbers these days. Bring on Sex Education season 3… season 2 before that though.


Season 2 is due for release on this coming Friday (17th January 2020) and you would have though that in itself, that news is exciting enough, but no… there’s more.

We all want to know what happens with Otis and Maeve after his kiss with Ola as well as Eric and Adam after they went for each other, with the latter being sent to military school and one person who already knows the turnout is writer Laurie Nunn.


As well as knowing what happens in season 2, Nunn is already working on what’s happening in season 3, as she revealed to LADbible:

I’ve started writing series three, but that’s just a very normal part of the process because we work on such tight schedule, and season three hasn’t been greenlit yet or officially commissioned.

“We won’t find out whether we get a series three until the end of January, so fingers crossed!

I love writing these characters. It’s such a big ensemble and I think the theme of the show – in terms of it being about sex and relationships – it really just offers up endless story opportunities.

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So I think the show definitely has legs if Netflix are nice enough to let me keep writing it and let Ben keep directing it!

I’m almost certain it will be renewed…

What is Season 2 about though?

As Netflix put it:

In season 2, as a late bloomer Otis must master his newly discovered sexual urges in order to progress with his girlfriend Ola whilst also dealing with his now strained relationship with Maeve.


Meanwhile, Moordale Secondary is in the throes of a Chlamydia outbreak, highlighting the need for better sex education at the school and new kids come to town who will challenge the status quo. Maeve and Aimee’s BFF relationship is stronger than ever since Aimee ditched ‘the Untouchables’.

Eric notices his new-found self-confidence attracting unfamiliar kinds of attention. Adam is at military school, still conflicted by his feelings for Eric.


Lily has hit pause on her sexual endeavours to focus on her creative talents and finds a newfound friend in Ola.


Jackson is forced to flex his mental rather than physical muscle and is still buckling under the pressure from his parents to succeed.

Jean and Jakob’s relationship is discovered and they have to learn how to operate as a blended family. Jean forms an unlikely connection with Mrs Groff and a friendship between the two women begins to form.

Christ there’s a lot going on, isn’t there?

We have a lot to look forward to then, starting from this Friday.

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