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Signs Santa Muerte Is Contacting You - Lady Of Death


You've probably heard a lot about Santa Muerte these days, and you're probably curious about who Santa Muerte is, the signs Santa Muerte is contacting you, and why it's becoming so popular. So, here are some important details about Santa Muerte.

Santa Muerte

Even though the Virgin of Guadalupe is probably the most well-known and common Catholic symbol in Mexico, Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, is quickly becoming a powerful cultural figure in her own right.

White Santa Muerte statue holding an ax
White Santa Muerte statue holding an ax

Even though the Catholic Church doesn't recognize Santa Muerte as a saint, she has become popular as a folk saint in Mexico and in some parts of the United States.

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This means that her devoted fans, who are increasing in number, are to blame for her rapidly rising exposure and appeal within the Mexican and Mexican-American communities. Santa Muerte is usually shown as a female Grim Reaper because she is the personification of death.

In Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint, Professor Chesnut gives a detailed account of "Saint Death" based on interviews he did and things he saw and did while doing research in Mexico.

Santa Muerte Colors Meaning

There are seven chapters in the book, and the titles are inspired by various colored votive candles.

The different colored candles represent different parts of Santa Muerte's spiritual work: brown stands for light and wisdom, white for protection and purity, black for "black magic," red for passion and love, gold for wealth and prosperity, purple for (supernatural) healing, and green for the saint's strength as a fair protector of all her followers.

According to Devoted to Death, the seven-color jar candle is currently the most popular among devotees and followers since it symbolizes Santa Muerte's exceptional multitasking abilities. So, even though Santa Muerte's candles have "black" magic in them, that's only one of her many jobs.

Santa Muerte Tarot

Santa Muerte tarot cards are also available. You can buy it online at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Banyen, etc.

What Factors Have Influenced The Increase In Santa Muerte Devotees?

There are three main causes:

  • Santa Muerte attracts those who are marginalized by society (s*x workers, LGBT people, criminals, etc.), especially in Mexico with its sizable Catholic community. She will safeguard them if nighttime s*x workers beg her to. If a gay person approaches her and requests her assistance, she will do so.
  • Because she is 'Death', she cannot judge individuals or make requests. As a result, many seek her out for purposes like hexing, gaining enormous sums of money, and so forth. (Hell, some even request more s*xual partners from her. As it is not holy or God's will, official Catholic saints will not grant it.
  • Many people in Mexico turn to Santa Muerte, or death herself, in an effort to ward off her attempts to claim their lives as homicide rates grow. Who better to call for help than death itself to keep you from dying?

Signs Santa Muerte Is Calling You

Here are the signs Santa Muerte is contacting you:

  • She will keep knocking on your brain till you turn to her, whether you are a part of her culture or not.
  • She doesn't care where you're from; you're her child, and she'll get to you at any cost.
  • She might visit in your dreams to tell you about the future events happening in your life.
  • Your wishes might come true suddenly without any obvious reasons, like getting your dream career, dream job, or dream partner.
  • She will keep you safe from unsavory happenings in your life.
A skeleton wearing a white cloak, holding an ax, and wearing jewelry symbolizing Santa Muerte
A skeleton wearing a white cloak, holding an ax, and wearing jewelry symbolizing Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte Warning

Remember!!! It is advised that you do your research and ensure you are aware of what would be required of you if you dedicate yourself to her. If you have made a formal promise to God, you will have to do what he or she wants or needs or come up with a good middle ground.

It won't really work to say, "I don't feel like it." Consider yourself a celebrity's equivalent of a personal assistant. If you want to see an illustration of what you are agreeing to, watch The Devil Wears Prada. You shouldn't respond with "impossible" or "you've got to be kidding me," either.

People Also Ask

Who Is Santa Muerte?

Santa Muerte is the personification of death.

What Is A Catholic Holy Death?

The Catholic holy death is Santa Muerte. The Spanish for "death" is "Muerte," while the name "Santa" alludes to both her holiness and her status as a saint. Devotees frequently refer to her as "Santsima Muerte" in various ceremonies, such as the Rosary of Santa Muerte, which means "holiest death" in English. She is referred to as Saint Death or Holy Death in English.

What Does Muerte Stand For?

Muerte stands for death in Spanish.


The signs Santa Muerte is contacting you (mentioned above) will lead you towards her. But you must remember that the path will never be smooth so you must be determined about your faith in Santa Muerte.

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