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Sydnee Goodman's Remarkable Transformation In The Gaming Industry


Sydnee Goodman is well-known for making videos, creating content, hosting events, and streaming games.

She has a YouTube channel that is very popular, and she spends a lot of time streaming games on Twitch.

However, Sydnee Goodman's remarkable transformation is something that many people didn't know about.

Sydnee Goodman's name and attractiveness are well-known in the streaming community, but many people just know her name and not her backstory.

When it comes to the gaming industry, you might wonder: how does she get her name out there?

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/sydnee-goodmans-remarkable-transformation/ by Kane Perkins on 2022-07-19T02:42:19.847Z

If you keep reading this article, you'll find out the answer to the question.

She used to work for Buzzfeed, and more recently she hosted "The Daily Fix."

Halo Game Developed Her Interest In Games

A child's interest in games is not something that can be passed down from their parents.

In the gaming industry, passion is something that can be grown and developed.

Most gamers have a soft spot in their hearts for the first games they ever played. You may probably agree with that point.

People's excitement about video games has to come from somewhere.

Sydnee Goodman was introduced to the world of moving pixels when she was a young girl.

This was the start of her lifelong journey with games.

My dad is a huge nerd. He loves video games but he was really into Halo: Combat Evolved. As a kid, he used to let me watch him play when I wasn’t afraid of watching. We spent a lot of time at home as my mom was sick so I just ended up playing more games with my Dad and my brother. That’s where it all began.

For the benefit of the readers, "Halo: Combat Evolved" is the first game in the Halo series. It came out in 2001 and is a first-person shooter science-fiction game.

This game is about a way to travel faster than light called "slip-space," which makes it possible for people to live on planets other than Earth. A Reach is a place where scientists and soldiers from all over the galaxy come together.

Within a short period of time, Goodman was seen participating in games alongside her father and brothers.

She's Been A Content Creator Since She Was Young

Video unavailable
This video is unavailable

Professional gaming has given Goodman chances that she could never have dreamed of as a child.

And platforms like Twitch and YouTube have made it possible for her to make her own content and connect directly with her audience in ways that just 20 years ago wouldn't have been possible.

On Twitter, Goodman was featured in a video where she "shared how the evolution of technology shaped her journey." She said:

I think about how I was editing content as, like, a ten year old. It was so painstaking.

You can learn more about Sydnee Goodman and how she got to where she is in her career by watching the full video above.

From when she first started to where she is now, it took a lot of intuition, experience, drive, and the right technology to make it all work.

Technology changes have not only made it easier for her to edit videos, but they have also made it possible for her to make new kinds of content.

Goodman makes videos for her YouTube audience and for her clients using a mix of tablets, phones, and laptops.

Since Goodman started making videos as a child, technology has come a long way.

She has shown her fans on YouTube the biggest tech changes she's made to her creative process since she graduated from college.

She Almost Became A Dentist

Sydnee Goodman is showing her hair just above the shoulders
Sydnee Goodman is showing her hair just above the shoulders

Goodman's parents wanted her to choose a more stable career, so she decided to take a test that would let her get into dental school.

Sydnee spent hours studying for the test, even though she was sure she would fail it badly. This showed her that she was wrong.

She did much better than what was needed to get into dental school, but she didn't want to go.

I remember the fear of telling my parents I didn’t want to go. Honestly, I couldn’t be what they wanted me to be. I burst into tears. I remember thinking this is my life and even if they’re disappointed, they’ll definitely still love me and they definitely wouldn’t be the ones to have to live through the shitty existence of doing something you don’t want to actually do for the rest of your life.

Despite this, Goodman's parents agreed with her choice, though, and she began to work toward becoming a content creator.

Goodman In Buzzfeed

She accepted a position with BuzzFeed, where she would be working behind the scenes.

She told BuzzFeed at the time that she wanted to learn how to make a great video from scratch.

At that point, she started working for the company in a job where she was in charge of YouTube content strategy and Instagram social media content.

That job gave her all the information she needed about how to make interesting online content, and it also helped her get ready for everything else.

BuzzFeed also helped her carve out a better place for herself in the gaming world.

She worked hard to become one of the most well-known gaming experts at BuzzFeed, which moved her further along the path that led her to where she is now.

Goodman As A Game Host

Sydnee Goodman is wearing a fitted stretchable long sleeve while she's tucking her hair
Sydnee Goodman is wearing a fitted stretchable long sleeve while she's tucking her hair

The Game Awards gave Goodman his first chance to host. In a video, she talked about her interesting and unusual career path.

Goodman was aware that accepting this hosting job may significantly change the course of her career.

"Everybody in the industry watches The Game Awards. they saw that I could host and that, it was something I was even interested in doing.

After that, everyone in the gaming community, including Goodman herself, knew that she had the skills to host, and it wasn't long before she had another chance to use those skills.

At some point in the future, she would find her way back to The Game Awards.

In 2021, she was a host once more, although this time she was the official host of the pre-show rather than being in the backstage area.

Anyone who has been online for more than a few minutes understands that being in the public eye for an extended period of time isn't always a positive experience.

Goodman has also gotten more than a few mean comments.

Goodman's time at "The Daily Fix" taught her how to handle a flood of negative comments, in part because there were so many of them.

Goodman As An Independent Person

Sydnee Goodman is wearing a gray off-shoulder outfit
Sydnee Goodman is wearing a gray off-shoulder outfit

What did Sydnee Goodman do after she worked for some of the most popular sites on the internet? Goodman is planning to start her own business.

Goodman said she left IGN last April 2021 to finally become her own boss and keep making her own content, which has been a lifelong goal.

Even though she was happy with her choice, it wasn't an easy one.

I was so nervous about leaving IGN and that no one would want to watch me anymore or watch my content or hire me.

Early on, one of her biggest challenges was figuring out how to put her most important projects first and find a healthy way to balance her work with the rest of her life.

She's now able to juggle Twitch streaming, YouTube video creation, hosting bookings, and anything else she wants to do outside of work.

On her YouTube channel, Goodman revealed that she's been working on a video game as an independent developer.

Many of the specifics of her most recent endeavor remain shrouded in secrecy.

I don't talk about it a whole lot because I signed an NDA and I just don't really know what I'm able to say and what I'm not able to say.

Sydnee Goodman Height

Sydnee Goodman is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg.

Sydnee Goodman IGN

I'm Leaving IGN / The Daily Fix

People Also Ask

Is Sydnee Goodman Still With IGN?

No. She is leaving IGN to go on her own. Even though she is leaving, she stated that she is very grateful for what she learned in this program.

Thank you all so much for joining me on this journey and while I'm definitely going to miss and am sad to leave working at IGN.

Why Is Sydnee Goodman Famous?

American Sydnee Goodman is a YouTuber and public figure. She used to be the person in charge of content strategy for Buzzfeed. She has been the host of IGN Entertainment's The Daily Fix since 2018. Sydnee is one of the most well-known women in the gaming industry and the Twitch community right now.

How Old Is Sydnee?

She is now 28 years old.

Is Sydnee Goodman Half Filipino?

Her father's name is Randy Goodman, and her mother's name is Deena Goodman. She is of mixed race; her father is Caucasian and her mother is Asian (Filipino).

What Is Sydnee Goodman Salary?

Sydnee Goodman net worth is expected to be $350K as of 2022, with a salary ranging between $90K and $140K.


Goodman appears to be one of those unique individuals that can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, which has won her a large following in the gaming community.

This article shows Sydnee Goodman's remarkable transformation.

She has worked both in front of and behind the camera, and now she runs her own business and works for herself with great success.

The article's author hopes that it helps you learn more about Sydnee Goodman.

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