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Things To Do In Florentin Tel Aviv - A Bohemian Neighborhood Worth Exploring

Looking for the best things to do in Florentin, Tel Aviv? You’ve come to the right place! This former industrial zone in Tel Aviv is now an artist enclave and a great place to spend a day. Many refer to Florentin in south Tel Aviv as "Soho" in Tel Aviv. An older Tel Aviv area called Florentin hasn't experienced the same extensive gentrification as Neve Tzedek, a nearby neighborhood.

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Looking for the best things to do in Florentin Tel Aviv? You’ve come to the right place! This former industrial zone in Tel Aviv is now an artist enclave and a great place to spend a day. Many refer to Florentin in south Tel Aviv as "Soho" in Tel Aviv. An older Tel Aviv area called Florentin hasn't experienced the same extensive gentrification as Neve Tzedek, a nearby neighborhood.
The population of this highly diverse area has historically been marked by poverty and transience, but it is also becoming more young and artistic. A representation of south Tel Aviv is Florentin. It's an interesting place to stroll around, a contrast to the rest of the city's modern Tel Aviv, and it's becoming more and more well-known for its impact on the city's nightlife.
Map of Tel Aviv
Map of Tel Aviv
Discoverthe must-see sights, undiscovered treasures, and authentic local experiences in this blog article to ensure your trip to Tel Aviv is one you won't soon forget. Continue reading to find out what to do and see in Tel Aviv!


A view from Florentin
A view from Florentin
Going on a guided tour with a local is a great way to make the most of your time in Tel Aviv because they can tell you more about each location and will also take care of the planning for you! Here are my top picks, and there are plenty more strewn throughout this post keep reading!

City Tour Of Tel-Aviv-Yafo

With a guide who will educate you on history, Judaism, and other topics, this Tel Aviv-Yafo City Tour is an excellent opportunity to explore the most significant sights in both cities! You'll also get to do other things like stroll along the seashore and eat in a restaurant! It takes about 4 hours to complete this excursion.
  • Neve Tzedek
  • Jaffa Old City
  • Rothschild Blvd.
  • White City

Neve Tzedek & Yafo Walking Tour

This Neve Tzedek & Yafo Walking Tour is a 2-hour tour of Rothschild Blvd. and Neve Tzedek, two of the most photogenic places in Tel Aviv! You will be able to witness the breathtaking architecture, which includes the historic structures in the charming Neve Tzedek neighborhood and the Bauhaus buildings on Rothschild, which are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Guided Bike Tour Of Tel Aviv-Yafo

With this 3-hour private guided bike tour of Tel Aviv-Yafo, you can explore more of the city in less time and with less walking! It has sites from the Ottoman era in Yafo, Tel Aviv's Bauhaus architecture, and more!

Beaches & Water Sports

Beaches from Tel Aviv
Beaches from Tel Aviv
Known as the “Miami of the Middle East,” Tel Aviv is a bustling metropolis offering a wide variety of sights and events. The stunning beaches of Tel Aviv are among its top attractions. You're sure to discover the ideal location to enjoy the sun and the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea with 16 gorgeous sandy lengths to pick from around the coastline!

Jaffa Beach / Ha’Maravi Beach (The Maravi)

Jaffa Beach is a picturesque location next to the historic Jaffa Port, making it the ideal spot for pictures of the port from one angle and the Tel Aviv skyline from the other! Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade, a swim, or the sandy shore.
The last stretch of sandy beach near Yafo Port is the Maravi beach, also known as Manta Ray beach, or "The Western beach" in Hebrew! In addition to being a nice area for people-watching, and sunbathing, and being close to the harbor, it's one of the greatest places to surf when the other spots have smaller waves.

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach, which lies in the center of Tel Aviv, is a well-liked location for swimming and tanning. In addition, there are volleyball courts! Additionally, Gordon Beach has first-rate amenities like sun loungers, beachside eateries with beach bars that make for terrific nightlife, and showers!

Frishman Beach

Another popular beach among people and tourists is Frishman Beach, which is located next to Gordon Beach. Enjoy the soft sand, cool off in the refreshing ocean, or play beach volleyball a sport that many residents participate in!
The famous Dan Hotel, constructed by Yaacov Agam with a rainbow-colored front, is located in Frishman! Over the years, the hotel has been recognized for hosting numerous well-known guests. Here is also where you can locate the famous statue of David Ben-Gurion performing a headstand!

Hilton Beach

Hilton Beach, sometimes referred to be the unofficial homosexual beach in the city, is open to all visitors and has a vibrant, welcoming vibe. It's a terrific spot to unwind, mingle, and take in the lively beach culture. You may also learn windsurfing, sailing, SUP, and kayaking at the Sea Centre Club on Hilton Beach!

Banana Beach

Another fantastic choice is Banana Beach, which offers fantastic views of the skyline and, further out, Jaffa. Here, you'll be near lodging options and beach bars including Banana Beach Cliff Beach and Beach Club TLV!

Jerusalem (Geula) Beach

Jerusalem Beach is the location of a popular Israeli beach game called "Matkot," so if you want to join in and take part in the fun, head here! Along with other cafes, Abulafia, a well-known Arabic bakery, is also nearby!

Gordon Pool

Gordon Pool at Tel Aviv Marina is a great place to swim if you'd rather not be in the ocean. This Olympic-sized pool has expansive views of the sea and is close to the marina. Take a leisurely swim, unwind on the terrace, or enjoy the sun in a peaceful environment.

Homat Hayam Promenade (Tayelet)

Enjoy a leisurely stroll down the picturesque Homat Hayam Promenade, which runs from Tel Aviv's downtown to Jaffa. Savor the revitalizing vibe of the city, the cool sea breeze, and the stunning views of the coastline. The best method for avoiding public transit is this one! One of my favorite things about Tel Aviv was walking to my beachfront apartment in Yafo after school, shoes in hand, after getting off the bus early!

Lake TLV

Lake TLV, which is part of Menahem Begin Park, also known as "Park Darom," offers fantastic wakeboarding and waterskiing thanks to a cable system! This artificial lake is a popular location for introductory classes and is also the site of athletic competitions.


Originally constructed in 1892, HaTachana was the historic railway station in Yafo/Jaffa. Today, it is a bustling area with restaurants, shops, and more, just across the street from the beach! It's halfway between Neve Tzedek and Tel Aviv Beach, and I love going there for ice cream and finding beautiful jewelry and other items in the shops!
For some of the coolest and most distinctive mementos here, too, look for the "Made in TLV" label! Thursdays from 7 p.m. to midnight are "Unique night," an open trade event where you can discover Israeli artists and take advantage of live DJ sets and music! Every Friday morning, there's an organic market as well.


Florentin, Tel Aviv
Florentin, Tel Aviv
Discover the free-spirited ambiance of Florentin, which is frequently referred to as Tel Aviv's Soho (NYC) area! This hipster district is well-known for its colorful street art, cutting-edge cafes, and unique stores. Take a stroll and enjoy the unusual and artsy atmosphere! Things to see in Florentin include:
  • Popular nightlife scene
  • Vegan restaurants
  • Mezcal (a popular authentic Mexican restaurant)
  • Arepa’s (Venezuelan restaurant)
  • Pachot M’Elef and Meshuna Galleries
  • Levontin 7(live performances)
  • Vintage stores
  • Levinsky street and market
  • Florentin House.

Parks & Nature

A park in Tel Aviv
A park in Tel Aviv

HaYarkon Park

Greater than Central Park in New York City and Hyde Park in London, HaYarkon Park (Yarkon Park) is a massive park located in Tel Aviv! Things to see in Yarkon Park:
  • The Yarkon River, which flows through the park
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Aviary
  • Water Park
  • Open lawns
  • Outdoor Concert Venues
  • Lakes
  • 6 gardens, including the Rock Garden, Tropical Garden, Cacti Garden & more
  • Sports facilities
  • Tel Gerisaarchaeological site.

Independence Park

One of the best places to gaze over the seashore is Independence Park! It is close to the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel and Beach and features a monument honoring the pilots of the Independence Warin addition to sculptures of Israel's King Yehoshafat and Judah's King Asa.

Midron Yaffo Park

It is in a prime location near to Yafo Port, by the water, and offers great views of the coastline, fisherman, and more! This place can be reached by jogging or walking along the shore. Additionally, there is a playground and outdoor exercise equipment close by.


A museum in Tel Aviv
A museum in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv, Israel, boasts a vibrant cultural scene, and its museums offer a diverse range of experiences. Here are some notable museums to explore in Tel Aviv:
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art -One of the leading art museums in Israel, it features an extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, including works by Israeli and international artists.
  • Eretz Israel Museum -This museum covers a wide range of topics related to the Land of Israel, including archaeology, ethnography, and folklore. It's a great place to explore the country's rich history.
  • Palmach Museum -Dedicated to the Palmach, the elite fighting force of the Haganah, this museum offers an immersive experience through multimedia exhibits, telling the story of the pre-state Jewish militia.
  • Yitzhak Rabin Center -Commemorating the life and legacy of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, this center includes a museum, a library, and an auditorium. It provides insights into Israeli history and Rabin's impact on the nation.
  • Ben-Gurion House -Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, this museum was the home of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister. It offers a glimpse into the life and work of this influential figure in Israeli history.
  • Design Museum Holon -While not in Tel Aviv itself, this museum in the nearby city of Holon is dedicated to design and contemporary culture. It often features exhibitions on industrial design, fashion, and architecture.
  • The Israeli Cartoon Museum -This museum showcases the art of cartooning and caricature, featuring works by Israeli and international cartoonists. It's a unique and entertaining destination.
  • Beit Hatfutsot - The Museum of the Jewish People -Located on the campus of Tel Aviv University, this museum tells the story of the Jewish people from ancient times to the present through exhibits, multimedia presentations, and interactive displays.
  • Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Jaffa -Housed in the historic Sarona complex, this museum traces the development of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, highlighting their cultural and architectural history.
  • Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv - While not a traditional museum, this center celebrates the city's Bauhaus architecture, offering guided tours and exhibitions focused on the iconic architectural style that characterizes much of Tel Aviv.

Restaurants & Cafes

The best restaurants in Tel Aviv
The best restaurants in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, offering a diverse array of restaurants and cafes that cater to various tastes. Here are some notable places to dine and enjoy delicious food in the city:


  • Shila - Mediterranean Grill -A popular spot for grilled meats and traditional Mediterranean dishes. The atmosphere is lively, and the portions are generous.
  • M25 -A stylish restaurant offering a modern twist on classic Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine. It's known for its creative dishes and elegant presentation.
  • Port Said -This trendy eatery is famous for its eclectic menu, serving a mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. The lively atmosphere and creative cocktails add to the experience.
  • Ouzeria -Located in the historic Jaffa Flea Market, Ouzeria offers a Greek-inspired menu with fresh seafood and a variety of mezes in a charming setting.
  • Taizu -For those craving Asian flavors, Taizu offers a fusion of Thai, Vietnamese, and other Southeast Asian cuisines in a stylish atmosphere.
  • Shila Shuk: Hummus Bar -A great place to savor authentic Israeli hummus with various toppings, along with other Middle Eastern specialties.
  • Shakshukia -As the name suggests, this restaurant is known for its delicious shakshuka, a popular Middle Eastern dish consisting of poached eggs in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce.
  • M25 Meat & Eat -A steakhouse that's part of the M25 restaurant group, offering high-quality cuts of meat and a sophisticated dining experience.


  • Cafelix -A specialty coffee shop known for its excellent espresso and carefully sourced beans. It's a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.
  • Café Xoho -A cozy café with a laid-back atmosphere, known for its homemade pastries, breakfast options, and excellent coffee.
  • Bucke Café -A vegetarian-friendly cafe with a relaxed vibe, offering a variety of sandwiches, salads, and freshly squeezed juices.
  • Café Landwer -A chain of cafes with a rich history, known for its Israeli breakfasts, pastries, and a diverse menu of international dishes.
  • Bana: Banana Beach Tel Aviv -Located near the beach, Bana is a beachside café offering a refreshing atmosphere and a menu with salads, sandwiches, and cocktails.
  • Bauhaus Café 99 -Situated in the heart of the White City, this café is a great spot to enjoy a coffee while taking in the iconic Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv.
  • Benedict -A popular 24/7 breakfast spot offering a variety of breakfast options, including a range of eggs Benedict dishes.

Things To Do In Florentin Tel Aviv - FAQs

What Is Florentin Known For?

Florentin is known for its bohemian and artsy vibe. It's famous for its colorful street art, small galleries, independent boutiques, and a diverse range of cafes, bars, and restaurants. The neighborhood is a hub for creativity and is popular among artists and young locals.

Are There Guided Tours Of Florentin?

Yes, there are guided tours that explore the street art, history, and culture of Florentin. These tours often take you through the neighborhood's narrow streets, pointing out significant murals and sharing stories about the local art scene.

What Are The Best Places To See Street Art In Florentin?

Some notable streets and areas to explore street art in Florentin include Vital Street, Florentin Street, and Salame Street. Graffiti and murals are scattered throughout the neighborhood, so wandering around and exploring the side streets is a great way to discover hidden gems.


Florentin, Tel Aviv's bohemian gem, beckons explorers to immerse themselves in its art, culture, and vibrant atmosphere. From street art to vintage shopping, culinary delights to pulsating nightlife, the neighborhood offers an authentic and multifaceted experience. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a local looking for a new adventure, Florentin is a destination that promises to captivate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your memories of Tel Aviv.
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