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Trailer For Prequel Orphan: First Kill - Promises Chills On Paramount Plus In August


The trailer for prequel Orphan: First Kill was released and it seems like it will be just as unsettling as the previous movie was.

The release date for the movie has been set for August 19th. It would take place before the events of the acclaimed horror film "Orphan," which was released in 2009.

Actress Isabelle Fuhrman reprises her role as Esther in the movie. Esther is a mysterious girl with violent tendencies who preys on an innocent family that has recently suffered the loss of a child.

The new movie also stars Julia Stiles, Rossif Sutherland, and Hiro Kanagawa, in addition to Baz Fuhrman.

Isabelle Fuhrman Fast Facts

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/trailer-for-prequel-orphan/ by Maxwell Canvas on 2022-07-22T04:11:39.474Z

Isabelle Fuhrman (born February 25, 1997) is an actress from the United States.

Isabelle Fuhrman wearing a black blazer in an event
Isabelle Fuhrman wearing a black blazer in an event

She is most recognized for her appearances as Esther in Orphan, a 2009 psychological horror thriller, and Clove in The Hunger Games, a 2012 dystopian adventure film. She has been dubbed a "horror icon" for her portrayal as Esther.

Isabelle Fuhrman was born in Washington, D.C., to Elina Fuhrman (née Kozmits), a Moldovan-American journalist, author, wellness activist, and the founder of the vegan soup company Soupelina, and Nick Fuhrman, a former Wisconsin political primary candidate (U.S. House of Representatives) and business consultant.

She is of Russian and Jewish ancestry. Madeline is her older sister (born August 21, 1993). When her mother joined CNN in 1999, she and her family relocated to Atlanta.

She went to the Buckley Institution, a private school in Sherman Oaks, for high school. Fuhrman also attended RADA and The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia for a short time. In 2015, Fuhrman graduated from Stanford University Online High School.

The 2009 'Orphan' Movie

Orphan is a psychological horror film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by David Leslie Johnson based on Alex Mace's narrative. Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman, C. C. H. Pounder, and Jimmy Bennett star in the film.

See the trailer of the 2009 movie Orphan below.

🎥 ORPHAN (2009) | Movie Trailer | Full HD | 1080p

The film is a collaboration between the United States, Canada, Germany, and France. It was produced by Dark Castle Entertainment's Joel Silver and Susan Downey, as well as Appian Way Productions' Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson Killoran.

The film's principal photography took place in Canada, in the cities of St. Thomas, Toronto, Port Hope, and Montreal.

The storyline goes like this. Kate and John Coleman are working to repair their damaged marriage after the death of their child.

The couple makes the decision to adopt a kid. They fell in love with Esther, a 9-year-old orphan at the St. Marina Orphanage, the moment they met her.

Their son, Daniel, is antagonistic to his new sibling, but their deaf mute daughter, Max, is first smitten with her. Kate eventually suspects Esther of being deceitful and potentially psychologically damaged.

John will not listen to his wife's concerns. When Kate phones Sister Abigail at the orphanage, she learns that Esther has a turbulent and strange past. Kate investigates Esther's past and realizes she is not who she appears to be.

The Surprise Prequel Movie

The cult horror movie Orphan is receiving an unexpected sequel, and anxious viewers won't have to wait very long before being reunited with Esther either, as the picture is scheduled to stream on Paramount Plus within the next month.

Isabelle as Esther in one scene of the movie
Isabelle as Esther in one scene of the movie

The official plot summary for the film, which has been given the title Orphan: First Kill, reads as follows: "Esther's horrifying narrative continues in this gripping prequel to the original and startling horror smash Orphan."

Surprisingly, Isabelle Fuhrman will reprise her role as Esther. When she was 12, she played Esther in the original film. She is currently 25 years old. However, in this prequel, he plays a younger version of the same character. While the actress's aging is visible, efforts have been made to make her appear younger.

Isabelle as Esther without CGI
Isabelle as Esther without CGI

To de-age Fuhrman, no visual enhancements were utilized, which is impressive. Instead, cosmetics and forced perspective were employed to persuasively sell the illusion of Esther being a small child — or at least someone who could masquerade as a young child.

According to the Hollywood reporter, the actress stated:

We didn’t use special effects, we didn’t use any crazy makeup tricks. And I think that’s what makes the movie work, is because you really can’t figure out how I look like a [9-year-old], but I do. And it’s really creepy.

She went on to describe how strange it was to relive her youth:

I was there every day. I know how we did this. I know all the tricks, and I’m so thoroughly disturbed right now because I somehow am 9 years old again, and it doesn’t make any sense. I was like, ‘How do I revisit this part and then also convincingly play a kid?’ Because that was the easy part last time — the hard part was trying to be an adult! Now the hard part is I have to be a kid,

2009 saw the release of the first iteration of Orphan, which was met with favorable reviews as well as strong sales. It had been speculated for a long time that there would be a sequel, but it wasn't until the year 2020 that the project was actually initiated.

The good news is that after more than a decade of anticipation, Orphan First Kill is finally only a couple of weeks away from being released.

On August 19, the prequel is going to be made available to watch online through Paramount Plus, and on the same day it will also be shown in theaters.

The film's director, William Brent Bell, claimed that it would be "very violent" and "brutal."

First Kill Synopsis

The frightening saga of Esther continues in this chilling prequel to the groundbreaking horror film, Orphan, which was a huge smash.

Isabelle as Esther in one scene of the Orphan prequel movie
Isabelle as Esther in one scene of the Orphan prequel movie

After masterminding a daring breakout from a mental institution in Estonia, Esther makes her way to the United States of America by pretending to be the daughter of an affluent family who has gone missing.

The plot takes an unexpected turn, however, and she finds herself pitted against a mother who would stop at nothing to protect her family from the deadly "kid."

Isabelle Fuhrman, Rossif Sutherland, and Julia Stiles would be the main casts of the said prequel.

The Trailer

Even better, we've just gotten our first taste of Orphan: First Kill in the form of a pretty frightening trailer, though be warned: it's a little heavy on spoilers for our liking.

See the trailer video below.

Orphan: First Kill | Official Trailer | Paramount+

The teaser indicates that Esther has always been flawed, as we see the "kid" manipulate another family and perform different acts of savagery.

Stiles discussed a twist in this prequel that will be difficult to top in an interview with Collider:

I do not watch horror movies, and when I was sent the script for it, I was like, 'I don't know. I'm not into that genre.' And I was also really worried about going back to work after COVID. And the script was so dang good, I couldn't put it down, and I was so surprised by the twist that I'm not gonna give away that I think you'll like it.

People Also Ask

Is Orphan: First Kill A Prequel?

After a long wait, fans of the 2009 horror thriller Orphan will soon be able to see the upcoming prequel Orphan: First Kill. Today, Paramount released a trailer for the picture, which will be released next month.

Is The Orphan Scary?

Orphan is a bloody horror film that revolves on incredibly violent and sexual crimes committed out by a 9-year-old girl, and it is important for parents to be aware of this fact.

How Old Was Esther In Orphan In Real Life?

The great twist in the film occurs when the family discovers that Esther has been disguised as a little child but is actually a violent 33-year-old who escaped from an Estonian institute. Fuhrman was just 12 years old when Orphan was released in 2009, allowing her to successfully carry off the look of a 9-year-old.


For obvious reasons, Fuhrman is the only original cast member returning, and the sequel has also changed directors, with William Brent Ball, best known for directing both The Boy films, taking over from Jaume Collet-Serra. Orphan's ability to overcome the curse of underwhelming horror sequels will be determined in just a few weeks, when it arrives on Paramount Plus on August 19.

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