Fun for all of the family, Disney films are layered with meaning, gags and references – it’s the reason why we can’t stop watching them! And it’s not only the Marvel and Star Wars films that are founded on adult themes but the Disney Animations too.

Yes, even Frozen.

Naturally, in the meme-obsessed era of today, many of us like to look and create memes about inappropriate memes about innocent Disney characters. Naturally, the results have us howling.

It’s amazing how relatable superheroes and princesses can be when their words and actions are analysed and taken out of context.

Check out our carefully collated list of the most hilarious adult Disney memes:

Poor Cap, all he wanted was a hot dog.

Perhaps it’s bulking season (I mean, America’s Ass isn’t going to plump itself).


Honestly, this Disney meme creeps me out.

Nonetheless, I’m thankful that it’s reminded me The Emperors New Groove exists.



This meme speaks for itself.

Shrek and Disney; what more do you need?

This meme may have done the rounds already but, who cares?

It’s hilarious.

Plus, I’m all about GIRL POWER.

You go Mulan! Who needs a man?


Same Alice; same.


 He may be evil, but Jafar knows how to treat his bird.

No, not Jasmine.


Where can I get me some Mulan makeup remover?



I just need to know!!

HONESTLY. Who else can relate?

Same Bob, same.


Every girl knows that you’ve got to pack spare bikini’s and dresses on your baecations!

You never know where the weekend will take you…


LOL, isn’t Finding Nemo the best?!

Honestly, there are only 14 days I look forward to in the year: my 12 paydays, my birthday and Christmas.

Every time I log onto Facebook, all I see is people is crap like this.

Stop rushing your lives people.


This guy from Aladdin is the OG hustler.

If you know you know.


When we were younger, we laughed at this scene with our parents even though we didn’t really understand the joke.

Now we’re clued-up, we’re completely disgusted by both the scene and the fact they were laughing.

Kronk is pitching a tent.


Genie, you dirty being.

This adult joke from Aladdin King of Thieves has me wondering whether Aladdin wished for the ability to rock Jasmine into a whole new world, IYKWIM.

Who can forget this nightmarish figure from Toy Story?

Well, what we’ve just realised is that it’s a hooker.

A HOOKER. Get it!

There’s a brothel in a Disney Animated Classic.

Don’t believe me? Look below…



Disney serving us life lessons since forever.

Hades, we love you.

Finally, my favourite naughty Disney meme.

I dare you not to laugh.

Whoever has the time to make these memes, I thank you. 

Do consider getting a life though.