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Elon Musk Refers To Mark Zuckerberg As A Cuck, Prior To Their Cage Fight


What happens when two influential tech billionaires find themselves at odds? A battle of words and the potential for a cage fight, it seems.

Elon Muskand Mark Zuckerberg are once again making headlines as their ongoing beef takes a new turn. Elon Musk refers to Mark Zuckerberg as a cuck, escalating the warof words between these tech moguls.

Tech Titans Elon Musk And Mark Zuckerberg Exchange Heated Words As Cage Fight Looms

The latest exchange occurred over the weekend when Musk responded to screenshots of Zuckerberg laughing at a playful remark from fast-food chain Wendy's. The tweet suggested that Zuckerberg should go into space to "really make Musk mad." Musk swiftly fired back, tweeting, "Zuck is a cuck." This back-and-forth banter is just the latest chapter in the ongoing feud between the two prominent figures.

Elon Musk's Tweet calling Mark Zuckerberg a Cuck
Elon Musk's Tweet calling Mark Zuckerberg a Cuck

On June 20, Musk took their rivalry to another level by proposing a unique challenge: a cage fight. Musk publicly announced his willingness to participate if Zuckerberg agreed. In response, the CEO of Meta, formerly known as Facebook, simply replied with a demand, "send me the location." This unexpected twist has sparked intrigue and speculation among both the media and the public, as the possibility of a physical confrontation between these tech giants looms.

Mark Zuckerberg's tweets the Spider-Man meme.
Mark Zuckerberg's tweets the Spider-Man meme.

Adding fuel to the fire, Zuckerberg broke his decade-long silence on Twitter by sharing a Spider-Man meme to announce the launch of Threads. Threads is Meta's answer to Twitter and garnered significant attention with a staggering 30 million people joining the social media app within the first 24 hours of its release. However, the same day also brought controversy, as Musk threatened to sue Meta, alleging that Threads is a "copy-cat app."

In response to Musk's legal threat, Twitter's lawyer, Alex Spiro, released a strongly worded "cease-and-desist" letter last Thursday.

Twitter has serious concerns that Meta Platforms has engaged in systematic, willful, and unlawful misappropriation of Twitter's trade secrets and other intellectual property.- Alex Spiro, Twitter's Lawyer

The letter emphasized Twitter's intention to protect its intellectual property rights and demanded that Meta immediately cease the use of any Twitter trade secrets or highly confidential information.

Unfazed by the legal challenges, Musk took to Twitter once again to express his thoughts on Threads. He criticized the new app, stating:

Threads is just Instagram minus pics, which makes no sense, given that thirst pics are the main reason people use that app. How many times have you read comments on Insta pics & wished there were more? Personally, never.- Elon Musk

Musk's involvement in the social media landscape expanded in October of last year when he acquired Twitter for a staggering $44 billion. Since then, he has implemented strategic changes such as staff cuts and limitations on the visibility of user messages. These moves resulted in a significant decline in Twitter's value, with Fidelity recently estimating the platform's worth to be just one-third of what Musk initially paid.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg appears to relish taunting Musk. He has been replying to Threads with a single word: "Concerning." This deliberate choice echoes one of Musk's trademark comments frequently seen on Twitter, further fueling their ongoing rivalry.


As tensions escalate and the possibility of an actual cage fight hovers in the background, the clash between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg has transcended the boundaries of the tech world, captivating a globalaudience. Whether this rivalry escalates further or dissipates, one thing remains certain: the ongoing feud between these tech titans continues to captivate and intrigue the world.

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