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John Wick Chapter 4 Confirmed For 21st May 2021


John Wick chapter 4 confirmed for 21st may 2021. John Wick 4 has been announced, following Chapter 3's #1 box office debut, which knocked Avengers: Endgame off the top spot after a three-week stay.

A little under $90 million in total sales were produced by the 2014 release of the original John Wick movie, while $172 million was made by the 2017 follow-up.

The third film outperformed John Wick 2 by a wide margin, earning $57 million domestically and another $36 million internationally, for a grand total of $93 million.

The sequel's announcement was made through text message, using the same platform that unveiled Chapter 3's debut trailer: "You've done your duty. You will be helpful. Chapter 4 of John Wick will be released on May 21, 2021."

John Wick Chapter 4 NEW Release Date Confirmed

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Is John Wick 4 The Last One?

It's not really a world that has the right to be so short with only three amazing pictures, to be fair to Chad Stahelski, who has directed all the John Wick movies from the very beginning.

The movie Parabellum, which was supposed to be the one to bring the whole thing to a close, instead set up John's character for a protracted conflict with the mysterious High Table.

Therefore, it appears that John will still be unable to take the well-deserved break that he needs at the conclusion of each previous movie.

The stories all seem to happen consistently within the same fortnight despite the multiple year gap between each film's creation, which suggests that John Wick hasn't had a nap since Chapter 1's first 20 minutes.

Stahelski answered a good number of questions on the establishment's future as part of a Reddit Q&A session by saying that the film industry's success and the audience's demand made it tough for the arrangement to stop after just three films.

He also talked about the problems he had to deal with as the leader of what seemed to be the best-planned activity ever.

People Also Ask

What Is The Release Date For John Wick Part 4?

"John Wick: Chapter 4" was set to release on May 27, 2022, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer revealed. Earlier, John Wick chapter 4 confirmed for 21st May 2021, but was delayed due to the pandemic.

Why Has John Wick 4 Been Delayed?

Another fresh release date has been sought after for John Wick: Chapter 4. Lionsgate revealed that the action movie with Keanu Reeves will now be released on March 24, 2023, as opposed to May 27, 2022. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the movie to be pushed back from its initial May 21, 2021 release date.

Will John Wick Have Chapter 5?

The franchise director seems prepared to start another one because he provided Collider with some updates on John Wick 5. The studio's current objective is to continue the franchise.


John Wick chapter 4 confirmed for 21st may 2021, but got delayed two times due to the pandemic. What began as a straightforward vengeance tale, in which Keanu Reeves shoots a lot of bad guys in retaliation for the loss of his dog, has grown into a complete universe.

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