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Leaked Documents Expose Hidden Details Of Putin's Ghost Train, Featuring A Gym, Spa, And Beauty Equipment


August 5, 2022, will forever be remembered as a day of devastation in Ukraine, with the aftermath of Russian bombings leaving a trail of destruction. While the world focused on the aftermath of the attacks, bureaucrats in President Vladimir Putin's office in Moscow were engrossed in an entirely different matter, concerning a train shrouded in secrecy.

Recentlyleaked documents expose hidden details of Putin's ghost trainwhich is said to feature luxurious amenities such as a gym, spa, and beauty equipment. This article delves into the intriguing details revealed by these documents, shedding light on Putin's secluded world and the extent of his paranoia.

Leaked Documents Expose Hidden Details Of Putin's Ghost Train

Though the existence of Putin's train has been acknowledged, its true nature and purpose have remained closely guarded secrets. The Kremlin has occasionally released images of meetings held aboard the train, revealing an ornately decorated boardroom. However, the remaining cars, believed to number around 20, have remained veiled in mystery.

Thanks to leaked documents obtained by the London-based Russian investigations group, the Dossier Centre, the secrets surrounding Putin's train are now being unveiled. These documents were shared exclusively with CNN, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and German public broadcaster NDR and WDR. The Dossier Centre, backed by exiled former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, has become a vital source for unearthing hidden aspects of Putin's life.

Interior of Putin's Train
Interior of Putin's Train

A Closer Look Inside Putin's Train

Car number 021-78630, commonly referred to as the "sports-health wagon," is a true haven of luxury within Putin's train. The Dossier Center, which obtained leaked documents from an insider at Zircon Service, the Russian company responsible for outfitting the train cars, has provided remarkable insights into the extravagant features and opulent amenities found within this car.

Upon examining the glossy brochure created by Zircon Service, it becomes evident that the gym and spa facilities aboard the train were meticulously designed for Putin's personal use. The car's construction was completed in 2018, as confirmed by the leaked documents.

Initially, the gym was equipped with Technogym weights and resistance equipment, renowned for their Italian craftsmanship. However, subsequent documents suggest that these original installations were later replaced by Hoist machines, manufactured by a US-based company, ensuring the utmost quality and functionality.

Moving further down the car, one encounters a fully furnished cosmetology center, exuding luxury and sophistication. The center boasts a massage table and an impressive array of high-end beauty equipment.

Notably, a leaked document references the presence of a radio-frequency machine, specifically designed to enhance the tautness of the skin. The room itself appears to be meticulously outfitted to prevent the use of listening devices, reinforcing the emphasis placed on maintaining privacy and security.

Furthermore, the train includes a tiled bathroom featuring a full Turkish steam bath and shower, providing an unparalleled level of comfort for its occupants. These lavish amenities and attention to detail create an environment that caters to Putin's needs while ensuring a sense of indulgence throughout his journeys.

High-Level Involvement And Denials

The leaked documents obtained by the Dossier Center also shed light on the involvement of high-ranking officials within Putin's administration. Letters tying the outfitting of the train cars, including the gym car, directly to officials at the highest levels of Putin's administration have been uncovered.

However, the Kremlin has vehemently denied the findings of the Dossier Center, refuting any ownership or use of such a train by President Putin.

Coordination With The Federal Security Service (FSO)

In addition, leaked minutes from a meeting held on November 2, 2018, reveal the presence of 10 officials from the Federal Security Service (FSO), the organization responsible for protecting the Russian president.

The coordination and approval of maintenance contracts and construction proposals for the train cars, including living quarters, are contingent upon the involvement of the FSO. Dmitry Pegov, a top official at Russian Railways, even pleaded with Oleg Klimentiev, the FSO's deputy director, to review and approve proposals, emphasizing the significant role the FSO plays in the decision-making process.

Take a look inside Putin's secret train with private gym

Train Travel As A Stealthy Tactic

Insights from a former engineer and captain in the FSO, Gleb Karakulov, shed light on Putin's increasing reliance on train travel as a means to evade surveillance. Karakulov, who defected from Russia last year, disclosed in an interview conducted by the Dossier Centre under utmost secrecy that Putin's train was initially equipped with communication equipment back in 2014.

However, its usage escalated significantly in the second half of 2021, coinciding with Russia's preparations for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Karakulov revealed that Putin's train frequently spends prolonged periods parked near Valdai, a remote Russian region between Moscow and St. Petersburg, where Putin maintains a vast residence.

The secrecy surrounding the train extends to the personnel involved, with Karakulov mentioning that employees are placed in quarantine specifically for the special train. He stated, "Since the beginning of the war, guys said that they left somewhere in the direction of Valdai for 40 or even 45 days. Maybe there will be no train departure on a particular watch, but people are always ready."

The Curious Case Of The Ghost Train

Gleb Karakulov, a former engineer and captain in the FSO who defected from Russia, provided valuable insights into Putin's reliance on train travel to avoid detection. Karakulov's interview with the Dossier Center, conducted under extreme secrecy, revealed that the train's usage increased significantly in the second half of 2021, coinciding with Russia's preparations for its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Since the war's onset, Putin's train has frequently spent extended periods parked near Valdai, a remote Russian region known for its picturesque lake and forests, where Putin maintains a substantial residence. The train's proximity to Valdai suggests its potential role in ensuring Putin's safety and strategic mobility during critical periods.

While privacy has been a paramount concern, the train's secrecy has been compromised by amateur trainspotters. Captivated by the enigma of the "ghost train," these enthusiasts have managed to capture images and even post them online.

Their observations confirm that the train operates outside conventional timetables and remains absent from official Russian Railways systems, adding to the mystique surrounding Putin's secretive mode of transportation.

While Putin's train strives to maintain a veil of secrecy, it has not escaped the notice of amateur trainspotters. These enthusiasts have inadvertently captured images of what has come to be known as the "ghost train" on Russian railways. The train's absence from official timetables and Russian Railways systems has intrigued trainspotters, who have identified the distinctive features that set it apart.

The use of two locomotives and a characteristic white dome, reported by the Dossier Centre to contain advanced communications antennae, have become signature attributes of Putin's train. These white domes, absent on ordinary Russian trains, were even visible in an official Kremlin video released in 2019, showcasing Putin's journey over the newly constructed Kerch Bridge between mainland Russia and occupied Crimea.

The train's presence has been repeatedly documented by enthusiastic trainspotters, inadvertently capturing glimpses of Putin's secretive world.

The Psychology Behind Putin's Choices

Understanding Putin's motivations requires speculation, but insights from those who have spent time with him shed some light on his mindset. Abbas Gallyamov, a former speechwriter for Putin, suggests that the Russian leader's political insecurity has manifested as increasing physical insecurity.

Gallyamov, now residing in Israel, explains that close associates leverage this insecurity for their own advantage by highlighting threats, isolating Putin from the country, and contributing to his declining popularity. As a result, Putin has erected figurative walls around himself, seeking protection against perceived enemies and potential threats. Ironically, these extreme measures may contribute to his distancing from the country he leads.

Concerned officials within the Kremlin acknowledge this problem, recognizing that Putin's decreasing popularity may be partly attributed to his limited contact with the people. Consequently, efforts have been made to ensure his travel is as comfortable as possible, allowing him to leave his residence and engage with the outside world.

The Wagner Mutiny And Heightened Paranoia

The recent Wagner mutiny, albeit short-lived, has likely intensified Putin's reported paranoia. In the aftermath of the rebellion, Putin's public appearances increased, and he was even seen greeting members of the public. While it remains unclear whether he used his special train during this period, the upheaval is unlikely to have assuaged his concerns. Instead, it may have reinforced his preexisting anxieties.

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In conclusion, the leaked documents expose hidden details of Putin's ghost train have provided unprecedented insights into his secretive lifestyle. The train's opulent amenities, including the gym, spa, and beauty equipment, reflect Putin's desire for comfort and privacy.

While the Kremlin denies the existence of such a train, the leaked documents and testimonies from insiders tell a different story. The train symbolizes Putin's increasing isolation and his determined efforts to evade scrutiny. As the 'ghost' train continues to captivate amateur trainspotters, the secrets and motivations behind Putin's secluded existence remain as intriguing as ever.

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