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Montenegro’s Laziest Citizen Contest Has Participants Lying In Bed For Almost 30 Days


In Montenegro, a rather unconventional and humorous event has gained attention - the 'Laziest Citizen' contest. Montenegro’s Laziest Citizen Contest has participants lying in bed for almost 30 days.

The 'Laziest Citizen' contest is likely organized for entertainmentpurposes and to add a touch of humor to daily life. It's not about promoting laziness as a virtue but rather about celebrating leisure and relaxation.

Montenegro’s Laziest Citizen Contest has participants lying in bed for almost 30 days. During this time, participants are encouraged to embrace their laziness and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

To win the title of the 'Laziest Citizen,' participants may be judged based on their ability to avoid strenuous activities and responsibilities. The person who can laze around the most creatively and effectively could be declared the winner.

On Monday, September 18, 2023 the Laziest Citizen competition broke the previous 24-day record by entering its 30th day. Five candidates are still in bed, hoping to earn a 1,000-euro reward for the one who can stay that way the longest.

The annual competition began on August 19 with 21 participants, and it was hosted in a vacation spot in the Montenegrin village of Brezna. An athlete from Serbia, age 21, is the favorite to win.

The competition's organizer, resort owner Radonja Blagojevic, called the competitors "interesting personalities."

It is a very psychological competition, and the participants are interesting personalities. They are a great team and some friendships will remain there.- Radonja Blagojevic

The competition was originally conducted in Brezna in 2001 to parody the sluggish Montenegrin stereotype common in the Balkan region.

Various ethnic groups or ethnicities in the former Yugoslavia were the target of jokes based on broad generalizations. Such jokes frequently portrayed Montenegrins as slothful couch potatoes.

The majority of the contestants are from Montenegro, although there have also been competitors from Russia, Ukraine, and the neighboring countries of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.

Competition participants must stay at a vacation resort where they receive three meals daily and have access to restrooms every eight hours.

Their only duty is to remain lying down while their health is being monitored. Standing or sitting disqualifies one right away. Five candidates have reportedly continued to be in bed, expecting to win $1,063 for staying in bed thus long.

Blagojevic said:

Earlier we had a rule that there was no getting up, not even going to the toilet, so who could last the longest. But since 2021, we introduced the innovation that every eight hours they can take a 15-minute break to go to the toilet.- Radonja Blagojevic

Such a contest might involve the local community, creating a sense of unity and shared humor. It can be an opportunity for neighbors and friends to come together, support their favorite 'lazy' contestant, and enjoy lighthearted fun.

While the concept of celebrating laziness may seem unusual, it can serve as a reminder of the importance of relaxation and self-care. In our fast-paced world, taking a break and enjoying leisure time can be essential for mental and physical well-being.


Montenegro’s Laziest Citizen Contest has participants lying in bed for almost 30 days. Montenegro's 'Laziest Citizen' contest is a quirky and light-hearted event that offers a unique way for people to unwind and find humor in the simple pleasures of life. While it may not be about encouraging laziness as a lifestyle, it can serve as a reminder of the value of rest and relaxation in our often hectic lives.

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