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TV Shows Set In The Future - Exploring Tomorrow's Possibilities Today


In a world where imagination meets innovation, TV showsset in the futureoffer a captivating glimpse into what lies ahead. These futuristic series transport viewers to a time beyond our present reality, where technology, society, and human existence have evolved in remarkable ways.

With imaginative storytelling and visionary world-building, these shows ignite our curiosity and challenge our perceptions of what is possible.

From dystopian landscapes to utopian societies, TV showsset in the future explore a vast range of themes and possibilities. They delve into the impact of technological advancements, social dynamics, and environmental changes on humanity's journey.

These shows invite us to ponder the consequences of our actions today and envision the potential outcomes of our collective choices.

With dazzling visual effects, intricate plotlines, and multidimensional characters, these TV shows offer a thrilling escape into a realm where the boundaries of reality are pushed to their limits. They tackle complex moral and ethical dilemmas, delve into existential questions, and provide a mirror to reflect upon the world we inhabit today.

Firefly (2002)

Firefly Complete Edition 2015 Trailer | HD

When it comes to television programs that were taken off the air too soon, the name Firefly is one that is quickly brought to mind by the majority of science fiction aficionados.

After the crew of the Firefly-class starship Serenity picks up some strange passengers on their voyages, the program shows a future that is arguably the closest there has been to the wild west in space. The show follows the crew of the Serenity.

Even when their shady business dealings and strange passengers aren't bringing them to the attention of the cruel authorities of the galaxy, the crew still manages to get itself into some type of trouble on a weekly basis.

Firefly is successful in creating a sense of familiarity in the lives of space travelers while depicting a future in which anarchy and worse are commonplace.

The Expanse (2015)

The Expanse | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The Expanse is a complex science fiction drama that debuted earlier this year with its sixth season. The show is set in the future, when mankind has colonized the Solar System, and there is a delicate balance of power between the many factions that have arisen as a result of this.

Fans of science fiction will find that The Expanse hits all the right notes, as the show successfully combines political tension with explosive action in a future environment that seems very real.

As the program progresses and shadowy plots become clearer, the universe of The Expanse becomes more interesting than it was before intriguing.

In spite of the fact that it been canceled in the past, it is currently considered to be one of the top science fiction series on Amazon Prime and is definitely something that you should check out.

Altered Carbon (2018)

Altered Carbon | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

Altered Carbon was one of the series that contributed to the success of Netflixand helped it become the industry leader that it is today, despite the fact that it was one of the programs that was canceled by Netflixwhile it was still at its peak popularity.

The show creates a cyberpunk universe that is located in the enormous city of Bay City, which, owing to going all-out with the aesthetics, even competes with the cities that are shown in cyberpunk classics such as Blade Runner.

In the very distant future, hundreds of years from now, mankind has developed a technology that is capable of digitizing human mind and even enables the potential of transferring it between bodies.

As a result, the investigation of homicides becomes an even more challenging endeavor for the show's protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs, in a program that made effective use of its environment and primary concept up to the point when it was abruptly canceled.

12 Monkeys (2015)

12 Monkeys season 1 trailer

Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett adapted the novel 12 Monkeys for television, and it follows the plot of the film of the same name starring Brad Pitt that was released in 1995.

The first episodeof the science fiction series, which is set in the not-too-distant future of 2043 and debuted on the Syfy network in 2015, was titled "The Expanse." In the episode, a scavenger uses risky and untested sci-fi technology to go back in time in order to stop the spread of a disease that is already widespread.

Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, and Emily Hampshire performed the three principal parts in the series, reinventing the roles that Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, and Madeleine Stowe had played in the original movie.

The critically acclaimed television series 12 Monkeys came to an end in 2018, receiving a perfect score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes for its fourth and final season.

The 100 (2020)

The 100 - Official Trailer

The CW's adaptation of The 100 aired for a total of seven seasons before canceling the show in 2020. The plot of the series, which is set in the distant year 2149, revolves on a group of one hundred juvenile offenders who are sent back to the planet Earth after it has been deserted for the purpose of testing the planet's potential to support human life.

These adolescents are faced with the horrific prospect of the unknown animals and monsters, severe weather conditions, and nuclear winter, and they have no choice but to work together to secure humanity's continuing existence or perish in the attempt.

The television series has a considerably better attempt at recreating the post-apocalyptic circumstances of Earth than movies like After Earth starring Will Smith, which are largely based on a book written by Kass Morgan with the same name.

The novel was published under the same name. Netflix users can presently view all seven seasons of The 100, which are all accessible right now.

Beforeigners (2019)

Beforeigners: Official Trailer | HBO

By portraying individuals from the past being stuck in the current world, the Norwegian television series Beforeigners in 2019 provided a fresh perspective on the contemporary refugee dilemma.

The play weaves together a fascinating universe showcasing the complexity of cultural assimilation and identification as well as the universality of the human experience. It is set twenty years after waves of "time migrants" from the Paleolithic age, the Viking Age, and the 19th century started arriving in Oslo.

The creators of Beforeigners, Anne Bjrnstad and Eilif Skodvin, strongly disagree with the notion that being successful in assimilation depends in any way, shape, or form on the culture that one comes from.

Instead, they present examples such as cavemen running private security companies, Viking ravers, 19th century muckraking journalists, and homeless camps that span all time periods.

The program also gives an interesting look at how social mores evolve and stay static across time. For example, Vikings are shown to be quite happy using Tinder, yet Victorian period refugees express unhappiness over the continuation of misogyny in society.

Beforeigners' creators also imagine a host of other implications of the blended societies, such as cross-temporal romances, religious clashes, and Neo-Luddites who create enclaves using only technology from bygone eras.

While the core of the show involves the predictably shoddy treatment of these migrants, whom most modern people view as novelties or outright drains on their society, Beforeigners' creators also imagine a host of other implications of the blended societies.

Brave New World

Brave New World | Official Trailer | Peacock

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is widely regarded as one of the most prescient and important works of science fiction ever written. In the book, Huxley imagines technological advancements in the fields of genetics, medicines, and social conditioning that would make it possible to create a society in which everyone is perfectly content and knows their position.

Although the Peacock adaption includes a violent AI enemy as well as a council of seemingly immortal creators of this dystopian future, it succeeds most when it adheres most closely to Huxley's original storyline.

The concerns of class awareness, the delusions of meritocracy, the pitfalls of escapism, and the potential of boredom to pervade even theoretically flawless lifestyles are all addressed in Brave New World.

In the midst of its ridiculous excess, which is replete with orgies and catty politics, it investigates how individuals find purpose in their lives as well as the hierarchies that we accept as unchangeable.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror: Season 6 | Official Trailer | Netflix

"Black Mirror" is a science fiction anthology series that explores the dark side of technology and its impact on society.

Each episode tells a standalone story set in a near-future or alternative reality, delving into themes of privacy, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, social media, and the consequences of technological advancements.

"Black Mirror" has gained critical acclaim for its thought-provoking narratives and its ability to explore the dark side of technology.

The series has won multiple awards and has sparked cultural discussions about the impact of technology on our lives and the potential dangers it poses.


Upload - Official Trailer I Prime Video

After the release of its second season earlier this year, Upload was quickly renewed for a third. The show, whose fundamental concept is that individuals may be uploaded into a virtual afterlife after death, does a lot with this idea.

The show is a sci-fi comedy following computer programmer Nathan Brown as he adapts to his afterlife in the virtual world.

Despite the bleak subject matter that comes with the concept, Upload is a great time and manages to keep the laughs coming at an astounding clip.

The comic relief helps move the plot forward, but the themes and consequences of Nathan's new existence in the virtual world are interesting as well.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning - Official Trailer

"Black Lightning" is a superhero television series based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

The show follows Jefferson Pierce, a high school principal and retired superhero, who is forced to don his superhuman alter ego once again to protect his community, Freeland, from organized crime and corruption.

As Black Lightning, Jefferson fights against social injustice and battles enemies with his electrical powers.

"Black Lightning" has been praised for its socially conscious storytelling and diverse representation. The show tackles important issues while delivering thrilling action sequences and character-driven narratives.

It has garnered a dedicated fanbase and has been recognized for its positive impact on the superhero genre's diversity and inclusivity.

People Also Ask

Are There Any TV Shows Set In The Future That Focus On Space Exploration?

Yes, there are TV shows set in the future that center around space exploration. One example is "The Expanse," which follows a diverse group of characters as they navigate political tensions, interplanetary conflict, and the mysteries of the universe.

Another example is "Firefly," a space western series that combines elements of science fiction and adventure as a ragtag crew of misfits roams the galaxy.

Are There Any TV Shows Set In The Future That Depict Post-apocalyptic Worlds?

Yes, there are TV shows set in the future that depict post-apocalyptic worlds. One example is "The Walking Dead," which follows survivors in a world overrun by zombies. Another example is "The 100," where a group of young people navigates the challenges of Earth after a nuclear apocalypse.

Are There Any TV Shows Set In The Future That Explore The Possibilities Of Artificial Reality?

Yes, there are TV shows set in the future that delve into the realm of artificial reality. One example is "Westworld," where advanced androids and immersive theme parks blur the lines between reality and simulation. Another example is "Upload," which envisions a future where human consciousness can be uploaded to a digital afterlife.

Final Thoughts

TV shows set in the future provide an exhilarating glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead. Through visionary storytelling and imaginative world-building, these shows transport us to captivating realms where technology, society, and human existence have evolved.

With thought-provoking narratives and stunning visuals, they invite us to ponder the impact of our choices today and inspire us to shape a better future.

So, embark on a thrilling journey as these TV shows ignite our imagination and offer a captivating exploration of the uncharted territories that await us.

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